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The SKARB in Action
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SKARB and the Double Beveled Edge

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Fact: everyone uses knives. All knives will eventually get dull and need resharpening.
With this thought in mind, Andrew Hulnicki, a European mechanical genius, designed and patented the SKARB in 1994 after testing and evaluating all the knife sharpeners on the market.

In this Website, we will describe the unique features which make the SKARB the finest knife sharpener in the world. We will objectively compare the SKARB with all of our competitors and show the unit in operation. The SKARB has been tested by all of the major cutlery periodicals. Excerpts from these tests will be given with references for individuals wishing to read the whole test.

The Skarb is Different
Quality materials: it takes one machinist over 2 hours to manufacture each unit. Machined aircraft grade aluminum for the clamps [ the clamp jaws will not bend like those in cheap, cast aluminum copies] ; stainless steel; and delrin for the master housing.
Simple set up: no matter the length of your blade (2" to 12"), you simply place it into the clamp once with no need to keep moving it to bevel the whole edge.
Sharpening stones : no other sharpener will allow you to use any 2 x 4 to 2 x 10 sharpening stone. Your favorite stone (diamond, water, oil, or synthetic) will fit into the base of the SKARB.
Infinitely adjustable angle: you are not limited to four or five sloppy, inaccurate slots. The master housing is precisely calibrated and marked from 15 - 30 degrees.
Versatility : our unit will put a perfect, identical bevel from tip to ricasso on all non-serrated blades.
Different Clamps: The clamp that comes standard with the SKARB will hold all knives with a spine thickness of up to 3/16" - this would include about 90% of all knives. Our optional clamp will hold thick spined-blades up to 1/4 in. No other knife sharpener on the market will handle large forged Bowies or Cold Steel åd