Magazine Reviews of the SKARB

Blade Magazine (November, 1997): "Is there a hone out there that eliminates some
problems and limitations in what's available today? Yes. Is it perfect? No, but it's almost there. Within three minutes I had a razor sharp edge on my knife... The Skarb gave me the same angle all the way to the blade tip.. I set the clamp one time and was done. The whole edge was razor sharp.. The SKARB is one sharpener for 97% of the knives out there.. I highly recommend this sharpener".

Knives Illustrated (December, 1997): "Once set up, it will maintain a constant bevel on the blade. It will also allow you to easily produce double bevel edges on your knives".

Tactical Knives (August, 1997): One of the advantages of the SKARB system is that the
degree of angle is printed on the master housing... The second great advantage and
maybe the most important is that the knife does not have to be removed from the clamp
to change sides, hence the angle is assured to be correct ..... . To get a double
bevel with the SKARB, all that is necessary is to change the angle on the master
housing without removing the clamp from the blade. ..I like diamond hones and used one
of my EZ lap models with no problem ....... If it sounds like I like this system, well I do".

Peterson's Bow Hunting (August, 1997): the SKARB could be the most infinitely adjustable sharpening aid on the market... putting a razor edge on any of your fixed blade

Thin Blue Edge (Summer, 1997): this is the official police officers knife magazine.
They were so favorably impressed with the SKARB that they use one to sharpen
customers knives at knife and gun shows in the New England area. (October, 1999): Production Quality High. Easier to setup than Edge Pro, as well as being smaller.
Good results initially. Exceptional results with practice.
Even though I have most of the sharpeners on the market, I asked the manufacturer to sell me this test unit.

Note: this is just a sampling of quotes from some major tests. Full reprints are available if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope.

The SKARB in Action
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